Over the years, I was fortunate enough as an artist, to associate myself with great people and organizations, sharing the common desire to make a difference; I call them "The Friends of Timbuctu". They all brought  inspiration, or an opportunity to use my art as a tool for social change...    


Human Rights Watch is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization made up of roughly 400 staff members around the globe. Its staff consists of human rights professionals including country experts, lawyers, journalists, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Established in 1978, Human Rights Watch is known for its accurate fact-finding, impartial reporting, effective use of media, and targeted advocacy, often in partnership with local human rights groups. Each year, Human Rights Watch publishes more than 100 reports and briefings on human rights conditions in some 90 countries, generating extensive coverage in local and international media. With the leverage this brings, Human Rights Watch meets with governments, the United Nations, regional groups like the African Union and the European Union, financial institutions, and corporations to press for changes in policy and practice that promote human rights and justice around the world.


Modern Advocate is a social impact collaborative agency. We unite and amplify! Using creative solutions and our expanding network of brands, organizations and influencers we implement strategic partnerships to create the highest level of impact for both your brands CSR and your community.

Modern advocates come from a collective of industry, community impact organizations and influential personalities who understand our perspective and who live and breath a positive radical perspective on life reaching the millennial generation. Jake Glazer

In company of Hilary Clinton at EGPAF fundraising dinner.

Jake Glazer, founder and director.


Music producer and photography enthusiast Shannon Michael Terry.Below are pictures from his recording trip to Senega, West Africa. To sample some of his music, please copy and paste the link below:

www.primalfuturenow.com  http://www.primalfuturenow.com/

Poster for DIALY. Design by A. Kourouma